A Little About Me

My Thoughts as a Web Designer

As a web designer, I believe a design isn’t just about looking good. Your web site needs to be designed with integrity. By integrity, I mean that your entire website must work together to provide the visitor with a great experience. It must be organized, well planned out, functional, intuitive, easy to navigate and provide just what the visitor is looking for.  That’s what I strive to do when I create a website. I also work to create a website that is easy for my clients to manage themselves. No one who has a website should ever be at the mercy of their web designer. I’m happy to manage your website after it’s finished, but I also want you to have the ability to make changes if the need arises.

A Little About my Background

I graduated with a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science Technology and worked for 20 years in Food Service Management. While working full time, I went back to school, earned my M.B.A. in 2006 and set out to begin a new career as an entrepreneur in 2009.  I harnessed my skills and gifts and created a business in 2010 doing what I love the most…designing and being creative! My business can be described as a virtual marketing studio providing not just design services, but marketing and branding strategies as well for small/medium business owners. It’s been challenging and daunting at times, but exciting…it completely suits my personality and continually energizes me to learn more about my industry.

As an adjunct instructor at a local community college, where I teach Principles of Marketing, Business Communications, Introduction to Business Organization and Principles of Management; I have gained a thorough understanding of developing strategic marketing plans as well as how to best position a business in the marketplace.  I stay on top of marketing and design trends and advise businesses how to create their website and marketing collateral to be functional, professional and creative.

I surround myself with professional strategic partners who I can call on when I need additional support to serve you. So when you hire me as your web designer, you get a network of highly dedicated business professionals who will provide you with the support you need.

Enough about me…

Finally, I love helping small businesses succeed and would love to treat you to a latte to learn more about you and your business goals. Contact me at 484-464-3332 or through my contact form.