Brochure Design

Consider making your next brochure not just functional, but a work of art!


Did you know that your brochure can have multiple purposes other than just highlighting your services?

Consider these ideas…

There is no end to the fun and exciting ways to make your business stand out. Here are just a few examples to help trigger your creative juices.

For Accountants or Lawyers

A brochure design that opens up to a presentation folder where your potential customers can conveniently store documents that you prepare for them….great for accountants.

For Rehab or Exercise Facilities

Or, perhaps if your business is an exercise facility…think how awesome it would be if brochure opened up to a poster that shows pictures of the various pieces of equipment you have and how it can be used to achieve the results your customers want.

For a Nursery or Florist

Or maybe you own a nursery, and your brochure design is a mailer that opens up to a calendar of planting seasons.

To Avoid Having Your Great Brochure Ending up in the Trash

What about creating a brochure that was sent in it’s own envelop branded with your marketing elements? Send a brochure as a decorative package rather than sticking a address label on the back and sending it to someone who may just throw it in the trash without looking at it. The move attractive and interesting the package, the better the chances your brochure design will stand out among the junk mail.

To Wow Your Potential Clients

Your brochure can even be a mini¬†booklet¬†that shows each service or product you offer on it’s own page complete with images and/or ideas to show off what you do best!

Content Development

But we can’t neglect content and we can help you with that too! Though a picture can say a 1000 words, your content that is strategically developed with provide the professionalism you need to tell people all about the service you offer. This is your chance to shine by giving a potential client a functional, beautiful and professionally designed piece that tell them the great value they will receive in hiring you.

With a little creativity, your brochure can go from a drab trifold to a dramatic piece of artwork.


Contact me for a complimentary design consultation to make your brochure a work of art!